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Arecor Granted Key US Patent

July 19, 2013

On Tuesday, July 16th, Arecor, an English biotechnology company, announced the grant of U.S. Patent No. 8486388 on their ready-to use liquid formulations of metalloproteins.

As a global leader in the small sample viscometer field, RheoSense has been working closely with many biotech companies in resolving protein viscometry issues.  We have developed many application notes based on our experience with protein therapeutics. RheoSense wishes to extend our congratulations to Arecor on receiving this patent. Below is the original press release from Arecor


CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND. 16th July, 2013

Arecor, the Cambridge biotechnology company specialising in the stabilisation of biopharmaceuticals, announced today the granting of US Patent No. 8486388, which protects a pioneering formulation design tool within its ArestatTM platform, to enable stable ready-to-use liquid formulations of metalloproteins such as blood coagulation medicines.

Many therapeutic proteins rely on structural metal ions to perform their functions. Arecor’s novel technology provides a powerful and highly effective way to control unwanted interactions between the metalloprotein and formulation excipients, which can lead to a loss of the vital metal ion, and consequently the loss of structural integrity and biological activity.

An important application of the technology covered by US Patent No. 8486388 is to create stable, ready-to-use formulation of blood coagulation proteins used in the treatment of haemophilia. The technology is also more generally applicable to emerging biotherapeutics and its use extends to vaccine products such as recombinant protective antigen (rPA) anthrax vaccine.

This patent grant builds on the success of the wider suite of tools which make up the innovative ArestatTM platform, addressing the full spectrum of degradation pathways prevalent in biotherapeutics, including tools to control hydrophobically-driven aggregation, charge-related aggregation and chemical degradation leading to undesired charged variants and oxidised species.

Tom Saylor, CEO of Arecor, said: “Metalloproteins represent an important class of biopharmaceuticals for which current products can fall short of key requirements for patient convenience and compliance. Granting of this US Patent is a significant milestone for Arecor and gives further validation of ArestatTM technology as a unique and innovative approach to improve the utility of labile biologics.”

Notes to Editors:

Arecor is a pioneer in the stabilisation of biologic molecules, a key challenge in the development of many therapeutic proteins, vaccines and diagnostics. Many proteins, peptides or vaccines are too unstable in liquid form to develop ready-to-use drugs, or are unstable at high concentrations. Arecor has developed a set of unique technologies to address these problems with the potential to revolutionise the self-administration of therapeutic medicines which can be used by patients. It has partnered with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance the commercial value and practical utility of many different types of therapeutic proteins, peptides and vaccines. Further information about Arecor and its technology can be found at: http://www.arecor.com/.

For media enquiries, please contact Kelly Mepham, Business Development & Marketing Associate, on 01223 426060.

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