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Intrinsic Viscosity: Important for Protein Formulations

Posted by LuLu on Jul 7, 2015 11:20:00 AM

In Applications, Pharmaceuticals, m-VROC

Intrinsic viscosity is an important tool in the fields of polymer and protein research. Intrinsic viscosity allows for determination of molecular weight and size more reliably than dynamic light scattering. Small sample m-VROC™ viscometer is an ideal tool to measure intrinsic viscosity of samples. The high accuracy, low sample volume requirements, and high speed of measurement ensure that data collection is fast, simple, and accurate. 

Industries Where Intrinsic Viscosity is Important:

  • Polymers/Coatings (R&D, QC)
  • Protein Formulation
  • Research Institutions 
  • Food Polymers (Hydrodynamic Volume of Biopolymers) 

    Intrinsic Viscosity

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