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Biopharma & Biotech Related Application Notes

Posted by Grace on Jun 18, 2019 8:12:23 AM

Do you work in the biopharm or biotech industry? Do you work with proteins and currently measure protein viscosity or has the topic come up during conversations and meetings? Many of our customers reference our company not just for viscometers but for the various application notes that we have. We have a wide variety of application notes ranging from ink, oil, cosmetics, and all types of applications which you can explore here: 

Download Viscosity of Two Component Mixtures Application Note!

With protein specific applications, check out our newly organized applications landing page where we have a variety of application notes focused on: 

  • Formulation
  • Protein Screening
  • Drug Delivery
  • Hydrodynamic Radius
  • Whole Blood/Blood Plasma/Blood Serum
  • Opthalmic Solutions
  • Protein Stability
  • RNA Therapeutics
  • Antidbody Therapeutics