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Calibration/General Maintenance for your viscometer

June 27, 2017

Did you know that even a deadweight machine that is capable of applying 4,448,222 Newtons or 1 million pounds of force? 

How is this done? Learn more about it by watching the following video created by NIST: 

Tools.jpgWhy does such a large machine need to be calibrated? Why do any instruments need to be calibrated? In the same way it makes sense to avoid eating foods  that are passed their expired dates, when critical data is important, you use tools and equipment that are well within specifications and maintained at a level of quality to ensure quality results. Simply put - an uncalibrated machine can effect performance and lead to negative consequences (just the same as eating expired foods!)

Just like any scientific instrument, it is imperative to conduct maintenance for your viscometers and VROC® chips. On average, we recommend every six months for recalibration of your VROC® chips and one year for your viscometer and/or temperature controllers. 

RheoSense engineers make sure to follow our careful in-house calibration standards of procedures to make sure each and every RheoSense product is well within specifications. All newly purchased and recalibrated products come with a six month to one year guarantee and are calibrated with only NIST traceable standards. 

In between calibrations, many of our customers also purchase the same exact standards used in our labs to conduct quick calibration checks. It is important to use NIST traceable standards for accuracy and traceability. 

Also known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST promotes and maintains measurement standards that are used for all purposes including RheoSense viscosity standards and also deadweight machines that can apply 1 million pounds of force. 

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