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Joseph ChunJuly 3, 20181 min read

Clariti's Official Release

Measuring your samples is only part of the scientific process. Once you have all of your measurements is when the tough task of analyzing all your data begins. Data analysis can be a long and pain staking process, as you work to consolidate all your data, analyze it and then transform your analysis into some sort of digestible presentation. 

We are excited to announce the release of Clariti: The official VROC® Initium software for data organization and analysis. Clariti is the first software in the market to fully analyze sample injectability as well as calculating and suggesting recommended injection rates based upon your sample data. 

RheoSense Clariti

This software enables users to replace traditional data analysis such as Excel/Word documents toward a smoother, easier, and accessible user interface that generate an array of comprehensive graphs as well as providing a thorough detailed analysis. Clariti brings all of your data together into one database, which allows you to easily set filters & criteria and create plots to help illustrate your data. The data analysis function produces easily digestible reports and allows you to tailor your parameters to project recommendations or visual presentations when generating your reports.

Clariti is also fully equipped with various functions that are easily modifiable that are incorporated with interchangeable parameters to accommodate per user preference. For instance, graph scaling abilities are added so you can compare reference points for various measurements and analysis!

One of the most exciting features of Clariti is the software's ability to provide quick and accurate measurement analysis, including intrinsic viscosity.

You really have to see for yourself; the finalized product that our software developers have been working tirelessly to ensure user versatility and smooth interface for optimal accessibility and advanced functionality.

"With RheoSense Clariti, we’ve managed to simplify and redefine the process of data selection and analysis to the service of the user. We don’t know how we could make things any more essential or simpler than Clariti" - Rama Varma, Senior Software Engineer

Want to see Clariti in action? Download our webinar to see just what Clariti can do! 

Clariti Webinar

To learn more about Clariti, contact your RheoSense representative today or click here to request more information.

Learn More About  RheoSense Clariti