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5 reasons to purchase a new viscometer before the end of the year
Eden ReidNovember 23, 20213 min read

Year End Tips for Success Next Year!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and that means the end of the year is right around the corner!  2021 has seemed to fly by for many of us. With such a busy year coming to a close in just a few short weeks, some of us are realizing we’re running out of time to spend our “use it or lose it” capital expenditures (CapEx)! Remaining CapEx isn't the only reason to consider some last minute purchases for your lab. We have put together a list of 5 reasons to purchase a new viscometer before the end of the year. 

1. Spend remaining capital expenditures (CapEx)

Capital expenditure or capital expense is the money an organization or corporate entity spends to buy, maintain, or improve its fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles, equipment, or land. For most companies, CapEx budgets are set yearly and are a "use it or lose it" budget. When there is remaining CapEx budget at the end of the year, it is ideal to spend the funds as opposed to losing them and potentially having a lower CapEx budget allotted the next year. The end of the year remaining CapEx budget is perfect for R&D and quality control instrument expenses, such as a new VROC® viscometer! 

*Insider tip*
The end of the year is the perfect time to use remaining CapEx budget to stock up on your consumables

2. Secure 2022 pricing

CapEx spending is not the only benefit to getting orders in before the end of the year. Many companies increase their pricing at the start of the new year. Cost increases account for increased manufacturing costs, shipping costs, cost of parts and labor. Getting your orders in before the end of the year also secures price increase protection.

*Insider tip*
If you submit your purchase order (PO) before the end of the year you will secure 2022 pricing, however RheoSense does not invoice until order fulfillment.

3. Get ahead of the post-holiday lead time delays

If you wait until the new year to kick start your research and development, you will likely find yourself delayed by the post-holiday delivery lead times. You can avoid these delays and ensure the best start in 2023 by placing your orders before the end of year or new year order rush.

*Insider tip*
RheoSense instruments  have a lead time of 3-18 weeks. To kick off research at the start of the year it is best to  submit your purchase order (PO) Q4 of the previous year. 

4. Get a head start on your 2023 research and quality control

There is no reason your research and development team should be guessing the viscosity values of your samples. If you wait until the new year to kick start your research and development, you can find yourself delayed by not only delivery lead times, but also processing delays or even payment approval delays as accounting moves from one year's budget to the next. Get a head start on your 2022 research and quality control processes with accurate measurements. 

*Insider tip*
RheoSense viscometers measure accuracy within 2% of the reading! See all our viscometer specifications here

5. Take advantage of end of year savings! 

RheoSense instruments have been rigorously tested, approved, and adopted worldwide by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading research universities. We value the importance of viscosity as one of the most important parameters in the development and modeling of applications of fluid flow, and strive to offer cost-effective solutions for the complete extensive viscosity characterization. This year RheoSense is not only offering incredible end-of-year discounts on our viscometers, we're also offering discounts on our instrument service contracts! There has never been a better time to level up your research with the most accurate viscosity measurements, AND to ensure quality maintenance and care of your VROC viscometers!  

*Insider tip*
RheoSense is offering  up to 20% off service contracts processed before 12/22/2021. Add a service contract to your viscometer order and save up to 20% on your viscometer services! 

Contact us today to see how our VROC® viscometers can elevate your sample analysis without breaking the bank! Or download our webinar: ’Tis the Season for microVISC cleanin’ to see first hand how easy it is to use our portable microVISC™ viscometer!

’Tis the Season for microVISC cleanin’

Written by: Eden Reid - RheoSense Senior Marketing & Sales Operations 

Eden Reid

Eden Reid is the RheoSense Senior Marketing Associate. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from the University of California, San Diego and has over 5 years of marketing experience.