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June Update

Posted by Joseph Chun on Jun 12, 2018 11:56:29 AM

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We hope everyone is doing well as we reach the half-mark of 2018! It is no wonder that May and June tend to be extremely busy, as many of you are preparing for vacation or travel. Make sure to wear sunblock and other preventative measures to keep you from excessive heat & direct exposure from UV rays!

According to the article "Maple Syrup" by Elsbeth Sites, harvested sap from  Acer saccharum (sugar maple tree) must be boiled down until it has a viscosity of 150-200 cP (centipoise) - which is roughly the same as motor oil. 

'When the sap has reached its maximum consistency, it has undergone a 40x reduction in volume. As the resulting syrup is approximately 62% sucrose, 34% water, 3% glucose and fructose, and 0.5% malic acid, other acids, and traces amounts of amino acids" (Sites).

On a side note, we actually did a video where technical specialists Rick & Gordon measured 5W-20 oils (new & used, link here) and the average viscosity of a used 5W-20 at room temperature (25 C) was at around 85 cP! (Figures below)


And speaking of maple syrup, our in-house Rheologist Dr. Elliott released an application note (can be accessed here) comparing the viscosity of real maple syrup and imitation syrup. Read about why measuring viscosity is important


Figure A refers to oil measurement
Cited article: "Maple Syrup" Elsbeth Sites.