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In the upcoming weeks, we are proud to announce the release of our latest application note regarding concentration dependence in protein viscosity. In this app note, Dr. Stacey Elliott gathered viscosity data for Bovine Gamma Globulin (BgG) formulations over the full concentration range, including therapeutic levels ≥ 100 mg/mL, using the VROC®Initium. The solution buffer included sucrose which is a common additive to enhance stabilization during freeze-drying and storage. Relative viscosity versus concentration curves were fit with the Ross-Minton equation which is a frequently used analysis tool for protein formulations.

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Next, due to popular demand (and quite frankly we enjoy making these), join technical specialists Rick Paulino and Gordon Stack in another episode/webinar of Rick & Gordy scheduled for May 23rd, 11 am PST. If you've missed the last webinar, this is a great opportunity to hop in and make up for lost time and see a live demonstration of microVISC!

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