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RheoSense Blog

RheoSense partners with l'oreal 

Posted by Joseph Chun

2018-03-06 12:04 PM


RheoSense, inc. welcomes a new customer of the cosmetic industry – L'oreal

After reviewing our VROC® technology, L'oreal joined the RheoSense family. This is exceptionally exciting and motivating to see, as most of our current main customers are in the biopharma and ink industries.

In addition to L'oreal, we also have the pleasure of working with P&G and J&J, both cosmetic and beauty industries.

Speaking of welcoming new partners, during September of last year we have successfully sent over a viscometer to a subsidiary of our U.S. client in Singapore. And just recently, they have ordered a second unit of the same viscometer!

We are extremely hopeful that the customer is satisfied with our products just as their business continues to grow using our viscometers. As our customers are continually expanding overseas, we hope & expect to see more RheoSense viscometers present and in-use across the world.

Maybe you should consider having one of our viscometers in your lab and experience it for yourself!