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RheoSense Blog

Keeping Up With RheoSense

Posted by Joseph Chun

2018-08-21 10:00 AM

This past month, our marketing team has been working to emphasize the importance of viscosity in each step of the FDA drug approval process. The increasing demand of medicine research and development provide a valid ground to urge viscosity measurement in various stages of drug development and production.

Starting from discovery and development, intrinsic viscosity measurement is a necessity, essential in optimizing protein formulation and often times in predicting viscosity curves for antibody solutions. Identifying the need for measuring viscosity in drug formulation at this stage can save tremendous amount of time and resources. Due to the vast and endless possibilities of various compounds and solutions, it is prudent to measure viscosity early on to expedite research so you can move to step two: preclinical research. The various stages in the drug approval process constitute for different methods and reasons in measuring viscosity. See why measuring viscosity in each stage is relevant as we will be launching several landing pages in this coming week regarding the FDA drug approval process.Research

For our VROC® Initium users: RheoSense Clariti™ BETA has met all expectations for our current users and testers, and we are working to provide you video content to provide tips on how to maximize and fully utilize your Clariti program in the next coming weeks. For those of you curious about our data consolidating software, contact a RheoSense representative and get started today!

RheoSense Clariti

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