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RheoSense Blog

Repeatable Measurements & Recovery With Small Sample Testing 

Posted by Joseph Chun

2018-03-02 11:05 AM


In the month of February, one of our customers ased us if sample recovery would have any effect on the stability of resuts. During an in-house study, a comparison was made between the initial viscosity measurement on the fresh sample and the sample made after each of three recovery cycles to assess the impact of the process.

The change when measuring viscosity is dependent on the specific sample & the number of recovery cycles. With VROC® initium, after three recoveries, all fell within the range of 0 to 3% change. Through this study, we were able to conclude VROC® Initium is able to test extremely small sample volumes and provide accurate reading measurements even after sample recovery. 

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Key Words: viscosity, polymer solutions, eye drops, protein solutions

Topics: Viscosity Measurements, Small Sample Viscometer, Automatic Viscometer, Intrinsic Viscosity, polymer solutions, Protein Solutions, Repeatability, Sample Retrieval, Eye Drops