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Not doing stability studies? Here's why you should.

Posted by RheoSense on Feb 18, 2020 4:30:00 AM

In Protein Solutions, protein formulation, technical information, application notes, Research

Protein stability and understanding how your proteins will work is so important. It's so important that there are departments made for just the process. Proteins are complex, when molecules unfold and aggregate, the viscosity of protein could potentially increase.

The increase in viscosity isn't just the issue. It will also potentially create pain for the patient taking the final drugs, or worse, create an immune response that leads to serious side effects.

Aside from the patient experience, drug efficacy and storage shelf life could also be severely impacted if you are not aware of how your proteins remain stable and also over how much period of time.

Protein stability can be impacted based on:

- Temperature

- pH

- Concentration

- & more!

Read some of our application notes to get real life case studies and data on protein stability.