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Additives Control Lubricant Viscosity and Provide More Consistent Performance

Posted by Jobylyn Pineda on Apr 14, 2016 10:47:38 AM

In General Information, viscosity, Oil Viscosity

Valvoline has recently launched a pressure-activated cobalt grease that can protect engine parts from damage especially in high temperature environments. The purpose of the grease is to provide a continuous film between moving parts under pressure. Normally under high temperature, the friction between moving parts and the lubricant reduces the viscosity of the film, potentially resulting in metal-to-metal contact. Valvoline’s cobalt grease employs a lithium sulfonate complex thickening system that is effective in dissipating heat and preventing corrosion in extreme conditions.


Fast and accurate viscosity characterization is requiredto test the performance of new additives (i.e., lithium sulfonate) that reduce the viscosity’s temperature dependence of lubricants.

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