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Pot Life

Posted by Gordon Stack on Sep 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM

In Applications, polymer solutions, Expoxies, resins, sculpting, polyurethane

Recently I have been using polyurethane resins for sculpting and casting projects and noticed an interesting term on all of my materials: Pot life. This is something that you see in all kinds of applications from epoxies, silicone, sealants, and building materials. A cursory definition of the term indicated that it was the working life of the material – the cutoff time when you can no longer make adjustments or clean up your projects. However, I found that the material was still very workable beyond the pot life time – in fact for some applications it even worked better.


Photo & product by Gordon Stack

With a deeper dive into the definition it turns out that it actually refers to the point at which the viscosity of a curing solution doubles. Molecularly speaking, this is about the point at which half of the polymers have cross linked. If you are making a resin, epoxy, or glue, accurately finding the pot life is critical to the quality process and ensuring that customers are able to reliably use your products.

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