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Press Release - RheoSense Chip Cleaning Station (CCS)

August 28, 2020

SAN RAMON, CA – August 28, 2020 – RheoSense, Inc. is proud to introduce the new Chip Cleaning Station (CCS). This is a supplemental piece to our viscometer product line, compatible for: m-VROC, microVISC, microVISC-m and e-VROC. RheoSense's viscometers are powered by our core technology, also known as, VROC® technology. Using MEMS and microfluidic based technology, VROC chips have been widely adapted by labs, leading universities, and fortune 500 companies. 

Although one of the key benefits with VROC technology is that you don't need to clean in between miscible samples, You still need to clean between immiscible samples and also after you are done with your measurements. Due to the nature of many samples, leaving it within the chip can lead to your samples crashing out. Samples such as oils can definitely be kept within the flow channel but samples such as proteins are not as ideal to leave in the flow channel. The importance of fast and efficient cleaning was the main inspiration for the new Chip Cleaning Station.

Chip Cleaning Station - No BDG"The Chip Cleaning Station is a new addition to the family. Over a dozen prototypes were tested to arrive at this sleek and modern looking design. We spared no expense on the CCS from the chemical resistance fluid fittings, to the incredibly durable valves, and of course, the highly intelligent credit-card sized computing system contained inside." - Ecko Chen, Mechanical Engineer

Using factory protocols, or your own customized cleaning protocol, you can instruct the Chip Cleaning Station to thoroughly clean your chip in under 10 minutes* with just one click of a button. The until can select from 3 different solvents to clean your chips. This allows for autonomous cleaning of chips without having to load up solvents every time, use up instrument consumables, or occupy instrument time. Some examples of samples the Chip Cleaning Station can clean out include but are not limited to: 

  • Volatile Chemicals
  • Oils and Lubricants
  • Conductive/ Graphene Inks
  • Electrolyte Solutions
  • Skincare Serums and Fragrances
  • Cannabis 
  • Proteins
  • Opthalmic Solutions
  • Whole Blood/Blood Plasma & Serum  

"I am proud, that after months of hard work from me and the team here at RheoSense, we are ready to release our newest product; the Chip Cleaning Station. Our simply precise solution to your chip cleaning woes.” - Brandon Bell, Process Engineer

We are now accepting orders for the CCS! Contact us if you would like more information!


*This is depend on chip type and cleaning protocol but cleanings

Additional Resources:

View Press Release in PDF

Press contact:

Grace Baek

RheoSense, Inc.


(925) 866-3808




ABOUT RHEOSENSE: A global high-tech instrument company based in the Bay Area in California. Our innovative viscometers feature patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC®) technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and microfluidics breakthroughs, our instruments offer the smallest sample volume per measurement, coupled with exceptional ease of use and accuracy. We are the leader in providing viscometers to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and emerging protein therapeutics industries. RheoSense instruments have been rigorously tested, approved, and adopted worldwide by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading research universities.

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Spend less time cleaning and more time measuring samples!

Chip Cleaning Station

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