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RheoSense automated Chip Cleaning Station
Eden ReidNovember 16, 20211 min read

RheoSense Automated Chip Cleaning Station

At RheoSense, we believe measuring accurate viscosity measurements should be quick and easy! Our viscometers are designed to meet all industry and application needs, from our small portable microVISC viscometer (perfect for quality control measurements) to our VROC® initium one plus (the leading automated, high throughput viscometer)! 

Although one of the key benefits with VROC technology is that you don't need to clean in between miscible samples, you do need to clean between immiscible samples and after you are done with your measurements. We understand that it can be time consuming to clean your chips when measuring immiscible samples, and that was the inspiration for our automated Chip Cleaning Station! The automated Chip Cleaning Station is compatible with our m-VROC and microVISC model viscometers and is designed to clean VROC chips in under 10 minutes!

The solvent you use to clean your chip is dependent on your samples. Some solvents are not compatible with certain samples,. For example,  if you are testing proteins, IPA is typically not a compatible solvent and can lead to clogging of the chip flow channel. The Chip Cleaning Station comes equipped with 3 different solvent bottles, allowing you to select from 3 different solvents to clean your chips without having to load up different solvents each time you need to change cleaning solvent. 

You are able to clean your chips with either pre-loaded standard protocols, or with your own customized cleaning protocols. The Chip Cleaning Station comes pre-loaded with 3 different chip cleaning protocols. Each pre-loaded protocol is designed to test a specific VROC chip. When selecting the protocol for cleaning your chip, the protocol description and recommended chip for the protocol are listed for convenience and ease of use. If you find that the pre-loaded protocols are not sufficient for your application, you can easily create customized protocols  and adjust pumping or soak time to optimize compatibility with your sample! 

Want to learn more about our automated Chip Cleaning Station? Watch our short video covering basic assembly and operation, including a review of standard cleaning protocols as well as how to quickly customize your own! 


Still want to learn more about our automated Chip Cleaning Station and maintaining and monitoring your viscometer chip health? Download our webinar "Best Practices for Maintaining and Monitoring Viscometer Chip Health"! 

Learn More About Maintaining  & Monitoring VROC Chip Health

Written by: Eden Reid, RheoSense Senior Marketing and Sales Operations

Eden Reid

Eden Reid is the RheoSense Senior Marketing Associate. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from the University of California, San Diego and has over 5 years of marketing experience.