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Training, Training, Training....!

Posted by Eric Ng on May 30, 2017 7:31:22 AM

In RheoSense International Partners, RheoSense, Inc., RheoSense News, RheoSense Partners

To ensure our distributors are capable of answering technical questions, install, operate and service RheoSense’s viscometers, some of our distributors stopped by our offices in California for a in-depth training.

Long term and recently joined partners from France, Germany, UK, Belgium, New Zealand and Japan attended the training.

Lasting about 2 weeks, these training sessions consisted of a lot of hands on practice, coverage of RheoSense's VROC technology, and lots and lots of coffee!

We thank our international distributors for visiting and everyone for helping us build an international army to improve our local touch to the end-users.