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Oil Condition Monitoring with microVISC-m Viscometer

Posted by RheoSense on Feb 11, 2015 5:00:00 AM

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Tired of Waiting for Your Oil Viscosity Results to Arrive? 
Get your viscosity results when you want & need

Every lubricating oil is designed to have optimal viscosity for specific applications. Improperly monitoring of viscosity can lead to many problems: 

Excessively high viscosity can lead to poor lubrication, excessive friction, and high power consumption. On the other hand, extremely low viscosity can create an overly thin oil film between moving parts, leading to catastrophic failure. 
Oil Viscosity Monitoring viscometer, microVISC-m
Small sample volume microVISC-m viscometer has been specifically built for measuring accurate viscosity of lubricating oils within a minute. 
To read more about how microVISC-m delivers quick measurements of your oil's viscosity, based on well-established ASTM D341 methods, read our application note at the link below!

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Download our app note on how microVISC-m viscometer utilizes ASTM D341 Calculations for viscosity measurements.