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Eden ReidAugust 24, 20213 min read

Automate Your Viscosity Measurements

Automation, today's big buzzword. We've all heard it and it seems like everyone is looking for ways to automate more and more. We experience automation in our everyday lives, as well as in our professional lives. But, you may find yourself asking "what's the big deal with automation?" Automation "describes a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes".  Automated processes are intended to reduce cost, improve production quality, increase production speed, reduce down time, and free up experts time for your most valuable work. 

RheoSense viscometers have redefined the way viscosity is measured with the benefit of VROC® technology, offering a cost-effective alternative for the complete extensive viscosity characterization over wide dynamic ranges. Our new VROC® initium one plus is the leading automatic, high throughput viscometer, revolutionizing material characterization with just the push of a button!  We designed our automatic viscometer to save expert and professional labors for your most valuable work instead of setting up and running the sample testing. 

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When designing an instrument to automate viscosity measurements we thought of what is most important to our customers - increased productivity, decreased time to market and increased return on investment (ROI). The VROC initium one plus creates a tremendous amount of data with minimal volume - full sample characterization (sample retrieval and recover function activated) with only 80 µL - and minimal labor (lowest sample volume obtainable is roughly 26 µL). The VROC initium one plus includes an intuitive software that allows automatic testing of samples on 96 well plate or a 40 vial rack runs,. With this automation you can "set and forget" your viscosity measurements, greatly increasing efficiency and allowing your end users to do higher value activities.


The VROC initium one plus, like high-performance liquid chromatography - HPLC, is capable of looking at different components in a solution to characterize proteins, determine protein stability and degradation,  and even determine purification process efficacy. Both instruments allow you to load multiple samples, program your software - or protocols - to determine measurements, and then walk away while samples run! 

Advanced features of the VROC initium one plus include retrieval and recover. Retrieval allows for unlimited testing on the same sample while recovery provided the ability to do orthonal testing on a sample with known history. With recoverable samples, you are able to take testing a step further and investigate shear impact on proteins, for example by comparing hydrodynamic radius before shearing and after. The VROC initium one plus also includes fully automatic cleaning both inside and outside of the needle of the autosampler syringe, eliminating cross contamination of samples. With a motorized injection port system, not only is cleaning is faster, but users also save service downtime and maintenance costs.

Cost benefits of automating your viscosity measurements with the VROC initium one plus include small sample size requirements (26 - 90µL), large number of samples run (40 vial racks and 96 well plates), and the ability to involve multiple groups and meet tight deadlines thanks to the automated runs. Measurements with the VROC initium one plus also provide the ability to decrease time to market, allowing you to jump start revenue generation. When working in formulation and drug development specifically, you are able to use the VROC initium one plus for the entire life cycle of your drug product, from early stage screening, to formulation, injectability, product stability, and manufacturing. 

RheoSense Clariti™ adds an additional level of automation to your viscosity measurements and data analysis. With Clariti you are able to determine intrinsic viscosity calculations and injectability predictions. This proprietary software for data organization and analysis is the first software in the market to fully analyze sample injectability as well as calculate and recommend injection rates based upon your sample data. Clariti takes traditional data analysis files, such as Excel/Word documents, and compresses them into an easy to view format, generating an array of comprehensive graphs and providing thorough detailed analysis. With Clariti, you are also able to determine what will be the optimal syringe (type/ size) and drug delivery method with your viscosity measurements.


Are you ready to increase productivity, save expert labor for your most valuable activities, save service downtime and maintenance costs, and increase ROI? Download our FREE live demo, highlighting the upgraded features of the VROC® initium one plus such as faster cleaning, organic solvent compatibility, and more advanced software! Or contact us today to learn more about our automated viscometer or schedule a free demo! 

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Written by: Eden Reid, Rheosense Senior Marketing and Sales Operations

Eden Reid

Eden Reid is the RheoSense Senior Marketing Associate. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from the University of California, San Diego and has over 5 years of marketing experience.