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RheoSense Clariti
Grace BaekJanuary 9, 20241 min read

Get Clariti with your Data

Do you currently work with a m-VROC I, m-VROC II, or VROC initium one plus? For some of you, you may be using the level generator and other preset tools that can help establish your protocols for you but you may want to clean up your data faster using filters or get more guidance with the data analysis. This is why our team created Clariti. 

Designed to accept your native data files, simply import your data in a quick and easy three step process for analyzing and easy reporting.

Select the data set that you would like to plot and reprocess your data

Two major additional features that you can successfully use is the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) and injectability capabilities. The IV feature will allow you to select measurements and plot them into Intrinsic Viscosity summary. Intrinsic viscosity is the measurement of a single solute molecule interaction with a solvent. The benefit of using IV includes determining molecular weight, structure, and stability. This can benefit many scientists but can also benefit those who currently use alternative methods to determine molecular weight which can often not be as accurate or reproducible. Using your data to calculate molecular weight on Clariti will plot on to the Huggins and Kraemer plot which enables you to verify that your calculations and molecular weight values are true and accurate.

Supplemental to the Intrinsic Viscosity summary, we also have the Injectability Analysis Summary which enables you to take your data and plot on Injection force vs. viscosity graphs. You can potentially simulate the syringe geometry and parameters: 

We will be hosting a webinar at the end of this month where we explain more in detail and show how to import data. 

If you are interested in accessing the webinar, sign up here! We will be giving free 30 day trials to all attendees! (Must be a new user to be able to access the free trial). 

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