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Grace BaekMarch 25, 20242 min read

HTscreen Blog Post

RheoSense, Inc. is proud to announce the new HTScreen mode with VROC initium one plus. Formally released in 2018, our product development team has continuously worked on improving the automated features of this viscometer including sample retrieval, sample recovery, level generator, and validation of data. 

The inspiration behind HTScreen mode is high throughput screening which is commonly known as HTS in the biopharmaceutical industry. HTS plays a crucial role allowing accelerated drug discovery. With HTS, researchers are able to quickly test large libraries of compounds of biological molecules. Rapid screening speeds up the drug discovery pipeline and enables reducing the amount of time it takes to identify lead compounds or potential drug candidates.

With VROC initium one plus, you will not have to sacrifice accuracy and repeatability of your data in comparison to alternative screening tools that claim to measure viscosity. Sacrificing your quality in data to complete the screening process faster can result in incorrect identification of potential drug candidates and making the wrong judgement. It will also prevent you from incorrectly disqualifying candidates.

The new HTScreen mode references the VROC initium one plus capability to run a full 96 well plate within 24 hours with only 19 microliters of sample. VROC initium one plus has been the work horse for many leading biopharmaceutical companies for the fact that it can run unattended allowing scientists to focus on more important work. The automated viscometer will run completely and clean on its own as well. The new HTScreening mode will allow you to do a quick screening of 96 samples to make a better judgement on what candidates should be selected.

To make the decisions on which candidates to move forward with, VROC initium one plus can provide all types of data including shear dependent viscosity results, temperature dependent analysis. Once completed, you can also analyze your data with our analysis software tool, Clariti.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your data and still get the speed you need to work smart not hard.

Hear what our clients have to say on our testimonials page: https://www.rheosense.com/testimonials-on-rheosense-viscometers including Dr. Zhang of Takeda who is a VROC initium one plus user:

“My experience interacting with RheoSense has been fantastic. We were provided helpful instructions on how to perform a diagnostic run for the long-sitting instrument and provided training to the new members of my team, including myself. So far, the instrument works nicely and I have acquired many precise and accurate data. In a recent call, we also discussed technical details and further applications of the instrument, such as temperature sweep tests and 96-well plate-based automation, and were provided many useful application notes. I am glad that you have provided us with the best option to purchase a service plan for the instrument, and we have purchased the plan. I am very excited to continue working with RheoSense to accomplish more great science!”