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Cannabis applications library
Grace BaekJanuary 12, 20211 min read

Importance of Formulation - Cannabis Edition

I recently came upon an article written by KTVZ where there was an update that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is conducting an on-going investigation on product safety regarding certain marijuana products sold in Oregon (full story here). The OLCC is specifically investigating marijuana products sold in "Oregon’s recreational marijuana market" during the last two years that they have identified to contain two additives linked to safety concerns (squalene and squalane). This discover has led the OLCC to update the Chapter 845, Division 25 - Recreational Marijuana Rules in an attempt to "create a more stringent and transparent review process of cannabis vaping products".

Just as we emphasize the importance of formulation when it comes to protein related applications, when there are wide consumers and lives involved, it is also key to make sure you investigate what may be toxic and what will be acceptable in all consumer products. In the article, it seems that specific samples that are being investigated may have included olive extract and squalene. 

The continued increase in medicinal and recreational use of cannabis products have led to increased regulations and standards when it comes to manufacturing and using cannabis products. Depending on the regulations of each state in the US and overall standardization with the FDA, it is imperative to understand your cannabis product before it reaches the market and continuously even after it has been released in the market.

There are many methods to absorbing cannabis products. Some include:

  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Thashish - Edibles
  • Vaporizers

Viscosity plays a big part when it comes to making cannabis products and it is important to monitor the viscosity and use quality ingredients that will help the experience without any toxicity/harm to the user. Also mentioned in our Cannabis oil viscosity application note, ensuring that the viscosity of the products you manufacture or the products you are purchasing from manufacturers are being measured is important for safety, health, and overall experience with the products.

VIsit Our Cannabis Applications Note Library!

As the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis products lead to increased regulations, it is good to see more in-depth analysis of cannabis formulations and a better understanding of what ingredients will not be harmful to the end users. 

Interested in learning more about cannabis viscosity? Check out our FAQ page!

Cannabis FAQ

Written by: Grace Baek, RheoSense Operations Manager