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Grace BaekJanuary 16, 20241 min read

The Emphasis of Sample Prep

Sample preparation is a phase of experiments that can easily be viewed as tedious and mundane however, it often is one of the most important phases before you begin your measurements. I often tell my customers that if you put in bad samples, you get bad data. It's often paralleled from what I see when you tell a computer to do something incorrectly, it will give you a result that is most likely not desired.  

In our previous webinar, "Viscosity Sample and Measurement Preparation," we encourage to address and answer the following questions: 

  • What cleaning solvents do I use?
  • Manual or auto injection?
  • Which chip/flow channel should I use and how many?
  • Sample volume requirements?
  • Which loading protocol is appropriate?
  • How do I choose or create a measurement protocol?
  • Should I enable sample retrieval and recovery?
  • How do I choose the right cleaning protocol?
  • How do I assess the performance of the instrument?
  • How do I assess the quality of my data?

Access the full webinar to see how to answer these questions and how to plan your measurements! 

Measurement Preparation Thumbnail

At the start of 2024, our Production and R&D team has been hard at work to ensure that customers are given the best tools to properly sample prep prior to using RheoSense viscometers. We found that ensuring proper sample prep helps ensure that samples are homogenous and stable prior to running and also will ultimately provide stable and accurate results that are then used for important decisions such as product selection, product performance, batch to batch confirmation,  which impact product quality overall and for some of our clients, even saving lives. 

For all new VROC initium one plus purchases starting in January 2024, we will be suppling our approved Microman pipette and pipette tips along with a vial centrifuge. We have found many labs don't have the proper pipette tools to properly load the samples and often times, samples are not centrifuged causing issues with homogeneity. 

Screenshot 2024-01-12 122204Pipette Pistons

To order separately, here is the part information: 

mvr-400-10-100 Microman Positive Displacement Pipette (Ergonomic) - 10 - 100 microliters
mvr-400-10-101 Capillary Piston Tips of Gilson pipette, CP100, Box of 960

Vial_Centrifuge 2Vial_Centrifuge rear viewVial_Centrifuge 1

RS-CTFGE Vial Centrifuge with 8 Position Rotoer for 2 mL heavy wall Vials - Custom Build

Request a formal quote or if you have questions,