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Grace BaekNovember 7, 20171 min read

View My Viscosity Measurement!

When preparing for on-site demonstrations at prospect or customer site, I begin my preparations by testing my microVISC™ Viscometer and chip, 14HA05100453. My chip is an A05 chip type that particularly focuses on lower viscosity samples; 0.2 - 100 cP range. The chip is from 2014 but it was re-calibrated in September, 2017. I wanted to make sure everything was well within the range before jumping in my car to visit my customers.

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  1. I want to check that my chip is reading properly. This is the heart of the RheoSense viscometer. We recommend recalibration every six months. To do checks, recommend using NIST traceable standards because these standards are formally certified by NIST and have traceability. It is important to be working with reliable standards.

    For this measurement, I am using an N10 Oil. Below is the specific certificate of the bottle I used:


  1. With the N10 standard, I loaded the disposable pipette with the N10 and ran my meausurements. Below are the results I got! 

    Now you can run in what the instrument is programmed as 'AUTO' mode. What this means is that the instrument will run at 50% of the chip capabilities. This is extremely handy when you are doing quick measurements or working with unknown samples.

    When you want to run the measurement at a particular shear rate, you can choose 'ADVANCED' mode and plug in the shear rate or flow rate you would like to run. An example would be run #7 (see below), where the shear rate is 200 1/s vs. all of the other runs that were done at 774.9, 774.8 1/s. 

N10 Standard.png

2. Based on the certified standard, at 25 °C, viscosity should be 14.94 cP. With all five runs, you can see that the largest % difference is at about 0.87%. 

See PDF versions of: 

- Calibration Certificate

- PDF version of my measurements


Contact us for more information on microVISC™ Viscometer! We also carry NIST traceable oil and water based standards! 

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