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VROC initium one plus installation
Grace BaekMay 31, 20222 min read

VROC initium one plus Installation Checklist and Schedule

Automation has been a key emphasis when it comes to a lot of existing workflows and overall advancements with various R&D and QC departments. The VROC® initium one plus has been a key critical workhorse added to many  customer's repository. Here is a checklist and basic schedule of how to prepare and what to expect once your automated viscometer is in-house!

VROC® initium one plus Installation Checklist:

 1. Lab space requirements: 
  • VROC® initium one plus  and AutoSampler: 30” x 26” x 30” (W x L x H) 
  • Space for computer 
  • Space for waste container (must be below unit for gravity driven flow) 
 2. Utility requirements: 
  • 3 power outlets (initium, AutoSampler, computer) 
  • (optional) Dry air or nitrogen, dew point < 1C.  ¼-28” connection to unit, or 1/8” female quick connect fitting.  Required for measurements or sample storage below 20°C 
 3. Computer requirements: 
  • Software/Hardware Specs: 
  • Local admin rights
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7-10.  
  • RAM: 8 GB  
  • Storage: 512 GB 
  • Processor: Core i5 or i7 (Broadwell or later) recommended 
  • System Resolution: 1920x1080 (15” or larger monitor recommended) 
  • Software Requirements: Microsoft Excel, PDF viewer 
  • USB Ports: 3 (2 should be on the same board).  USB 3.0 ports are not currently compatible
  • DPI Scaling: 100% 
  • Regional Settings: US
 4. Tools/accessories/consumables 
  • Starter kit (includes 100 caps and vials) 
  • PPE for vendor (if required by customer) 
  • Viscosity standard and/or samples to measure (optional)  
  • Scale- at least 1kg maximum weight, 0.1g resolution  
5. Solvents - Solvents must be obtained before installation.
  • Formulation buffer (~1cP, fully soluble with Aquet), 1% Aquet (250mL), 99.9% IPA (250mL)  
  • Chemical labels for solvent bottles (as required by customer) 

Order Consumables

 Tray configuration (which setup needs to be calibrated during installation- 40 vial, 96 well, or both.  If tray is calibrated, they need to provide the 96 well plate for the installation.) 

VROC® initium one plus Training Schedule:

*Note: schedule is flexible and may need to be adjusted if needed*  Schedule includes detailed training which covers maintenance and basic troubleshooting for 2 certified users.  Additional users can be trained in basic operation of the unit. 

Day 1 

  • All Day - Installation and IQ/OQ 

Day 2 

  • Hands on Training (Maintenance) 
  • Hands on Training continued 
  • Protocol Development 
  • Sample Prep and Overnight Run 

Day 3 

  • Data Analysis and Clariti Tutorial 
  • Basic Training for Additional users and any additional runs

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Written By: Grace Baek, RheoSense Operations Manager