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VROC initium software update - June 2021
Grace BaekJuly 13, 20211 min read

VROC initium Software Update - June 2021

In the era of technology, our devices continue to receive updates, upgrades, and new releases when it comes to technology. Similar to ensuring your laptop, smart phone is updated for proper security and to keep up with new programs, RheoSense viscometers also come with continued updates and upgrades when it comes to the software -- especially VROC® initium one plus.

Instagram Post Software Update Message Push Notification Phone Template

With VROC® initium one plus, we recently released a new software update, version (released officially June 20, 2021). 

This new version comes with the following: 

DB Schema Version: 31
SysConVersion: 2.0_SY21504R
MechaConVersion: 2.0_ME21408R

Some of the top changes include: 

-IP Utility
- Switching Valve Utility
- Exception handling
- Added error message H_ERR_NO_TEMP_HEARTBEAT when no communication from hardware
- Error Parse failed for MV0DG
- Error Handling for Error code 7, 14, 19 and 20
- Send ResetError to Firmware
- Supporting MV0SS to reduce the traffic
- Improved communication between AutoSampler and Injection Port, error handling if hardware error happens.
- Using drop down status box in the main screen
- Logging utility

When it comes to RheoSense software upgrades, we include free software upgrades with customers who maintain a annual service contract. For more information on how to get a contract in place, please contact us! 

For existing customers, did you know we have customer portals to access the latest manuals, software versions, and additional release notes? Contact us to learn more about getting access! (Serial number will need to be provided for access to the right portal).