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Webinar - Back to Basics (non-Newtonian)

Posted by Grace on Apr 21, 2020 8:57:09 AM

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Our record sign up and attended webinar is now up and ready for download! Access the full recording and also the presentation. 

Whether you are a expert Rheologist or just getting into fluid characterization, you may be familiar with the terms Newtonian vs. non-Newtonian behavior. 

Never heard of it? No problem! Newtonian fluids are essentially fluids that have a linear relation between shear stress (mPa-s) and shear rate (1/s). This means that when shear rates vary, the viscosity remains consistent and the same value. A good example would be water.

Non-Newtonian fluids are fluids where their viscosity is dependent on shear rates. Here, we can go into further details where samples can be even more complex such as shear thinning or thickening (read more here). Essentially viscosity changes as shear rates change. A good example would be mayonnaise.

So whether you have ever noticed Newtonian behavior or non-Newtonian behavior, this is quite interesting insight into your sample characteristics. 

Download our webinar where we discuss the origins of non-Newtonian behavior and what viscosity data on these systems are telling you. 

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