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News & Events

"Which RheoSense Chip do I use for my Application?" (Clone)

Difference Between Shear & Extensional Viscosity

New Videos Released: VROC Initium IQOQ Series

Upcoming Seminar in Korea - Seoul National University

When Using Standards To Calibrate Your MicroVISC

Technical Webinar You Should be Attending | Sample Preparation Webinar

We will be in SD! 2019!

Happy Holidays & Have A Happy New Year!

Release Update: VROC Initium Product Video

December Goodies

Upcoming Webinars & Application Notes

New Application Note Release - Formic Acid

Happy Thanksgiving!

MEMS Technology In Sputum Liquefaction Research

Last Call For Your Chance To Attend!

November Announcements

Utilizing Viscosity in Formulation Delivery

VROC Initium Applications Are NOT Limited To BioPharma!

New Application Notes Available & more!

From Your MicroVISC Engineer:

Wine & Dine Into Science

Webinar on Clariti: Data Analysis Tool

Keeping Up With RheoSense

Breakthrough of Vaccine Delivery

#PEGS18 & Client Appreciation Dinner

What NIST Traceability Can Mean When Measuring Samples


RheoSense Around The World


RheoSense partners with l'oreal 

Repeatable Measurements & Recovery With Small Sample Testing 

Excellent Standards, Lower Prices

In the Blink of an Eye - Viscosity of Eye Drops

Start 2018 with confidence in your viscosity measurements!

Happy Holidays!

Predicting the inevitable?

Last Dave's Corner for 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving!

View My Viscosity Measurement!

Superstitious Measurements - Be Confident in Your Measurements!

Make Sure Your Okra Isn't Medi-Okra!

96 Well Plate configuration

June 2017 Science Town Demonstration (NEWS)

Additional Resources of USP Chapter <914>

2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference | Booth #502

Intrinsic Viscosity Measurements of Protein Solutions

January 25, 2017 | Protein Screening & Intrinsic Viscosity Webinar

Winter Savings

August Seminar with RheoSense Viscometers - Hosted by Insung, Korea

Severe blood loss treated wIth Hyper-Viscosity

Press Release: VROC® initium

Workshop: VROC® initium ― Automatic, High Throughput Viscometer Unveil

Application Corner - Conductive Inks

Events: 2016 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screenings (SLAS) Conference


Happy Holidays! 2015 - News & Events

September Seminar with RheoSense Viscometers - Hosted by Insung, Korea

Webinar: Fundamentals of Viscosity - Newtonian vs. non-Newtonian

Intro to Injectability: Characterizing Injectability through Viscosity

RheoSense Academic Viscometer Grant Program 2015 Press Release

Simplify Your Routine Oil Viscosity Measurements with microVISC-m Viscometer

USP Expert Committee: Rectangular Slit Viscometer

Blood Viscosity: Serum Viscosity for Hyperviscosity Syndrome

RheoSense, Inc. Proudly Announces e-VROC™ Viscometer

RNA Therapeutics - Viscosity Measurement of Proteins with m-VROC™

How Viscosity Measurement is Critical for Particle Size Measurement

RheoSense Announces a Strategic Partnership with Malvern

RheoSense, Inc. exhibition at the 2014 Pittcon Conference

RheoSense, Inc. Announces Another Major Milestone in the U.S.

m-VROC Control Software 3.1

Season's Greeting

AAPS BADG Dining Event

Seminar to be Hosted in Taiwan by DKSH

Seminars to be Hosted in South Korea by Insung Chroma-Tech

Intrinsic Viscosity Press Release