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Differentiating Low Viscosity Fluids with High Resolution VROC initium

Last Wednesday, we hosted a new technical webinar where we focus on differentiating low viscosity fluids. If you were unable to attend or would like to access the recording and presentation again, you can now access the full recording.

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Why are you disqualifying your potentially great protein candidates

Injectability is a common screening criteria when determining the candidacy of protein therapeutics. Often times, the candidate protein therapeutics are scrutinized if the viscosity is higher than the pre-set threshold where the cut off viscosity ranges from 20 to 40 mPa-s depending on the delivery device. However, this type of generalization without specifying the shear rate could potentially lead to a false negative determination of an otherwise excellent therapeutic resulting in significant financial loss and time during development.

Upcoming Technical Webinar August 28, 2019

Differentiating Low Viscosity Fluids

Measuring small incremental changes in low viscosity samples is challenging. And when we mention low viscosity samples, we mean low (measuring as low as 0.4 or around 1 cP). Our microfluidics based automatic viscometer facilitates this process using a fraction of the volume required for more traditional methods. 
Join our webinar where we will present data and analysis to illustrate the following.

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