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2020 Peptalk Conference

We are at the 2020 Peptalk conference in San Diego! Come to Booth #700 to say hello to our technical team!! 

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Viscosity of Alcoholic Beverages

Viscosity data for alcoholic beverages of various sugar and alcohol percentages was obtained using m-VROC®. The measured viscosity of these commonly consumed beverages was found to be dependent upon the amount of water, alcohol and sugar within the fluid. The viscosity of ethanol water solutions had a parabolic relationship as the amount of ethanol in solution increased. The addition of sugar to alcoholic beverages was also increased the viscosity of these fluids. Shear rate sweeps were performed to confirm Newtonian behavior of alcoholic beverage solutions over the
range tested.

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Growing R&D - South Korea

Happy New Year! Towards the middle of 2019, South Korean President, Moon Jae In, has confirmed that biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries will be getting receiving more funding to carry out all types of research and development along with manufacturing.

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