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Viscosity & Olive Oil

A couple weeks ago, our technical specialists Rick Paulino and Gordon Stack measured different brands and types of olive oil. The two technical specialists tested to see if there was a difference between 100% pure olive oil compared to olive oil that has been blended with 10% canola oils. Their study concluded there was a ~10 cP difference between the oils, with olive oil boasting a higher viscous characteristic.

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Lubricant Health & Viscosity

As a lubricant begins to breakdown it undergoes significant viscosity changes. These viscosity changes can play a critical role in the life and performance of moving parts. For example, knowing when to change the engine oil in a car is straightforward, every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is a good rule of thumb. Going beyond the recommended scheduled oil change runs the risk of critical component failure leading to engine damage. However, what if you don’t have a convenient method, like miles driven, to gauge the health of your lubricant? How will you know when the lubricant begins to breakdown? The solution to this is knowing your viscosity!

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Additives Control Lubricant Viscosity and Provide More Consistent Performance

Valvoline has recently launched a pressure-activated cobalt grease that can protect engine parts from damage especially in high temperature environments. The purpose of the grease is to provide a continuous film between moving parts under pressure. Normally under high temperature, the friction between moving parts and the lubricant reduces the viscosity of the film, potentially resulting in metal-to-metal contact. Valvoline’s cobalt grease employs a lithium sulfonate complex thickening system that is effective in dissipating heat and preventing corrosion in extreme conditions.

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