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RheoSense Blog: Discoveries & Updates

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Boston Office

Viscosity & Protein Formulation

Critical Role of High Shear Viscosity Measurements in Ink Quality

The Emphasis of Sample Prep

Get Clariti with your Data

Customer, Comera Life Sciences & Caffeine

The Cost of Inconsistent Oil Viscosity

How to Measure Water or Low Viscosity Samples

Importance of Sperm Viscosity for Male Fertility

Crucial Role of Measuring Viscosity of Eye Care and Eye Products

The Crucial Role of Measuring Blood Viscosity Guide

Why m-VROC II Makes Sense

Viscosity of Mayonnaise

The Importance of Injectability in Medical Applications: How Viscosity Plays a Role

Versatility of Hyaluronic Acid

Buffer Viscosity

Produced Oil: Simulating the path from formation to surface

What Are Antibodies?

Press Release - Introducing m-VROC II

High Viscosity Friction Reducers (HVFR)

Using Viscosity to Understand Fluids for Oil Field Operations

Viscosity & Winter

Polymer Solutions as Antibody Mimics

Surfactants, Applications & the Importance of Viscosity

Characterize Your Battery Slurry with the Right Tools

Viscosity of Thermoresponsive Ionic Liquids

DNA Condensation and Viscosity

The Importance of Annual Viscometer Maintenance

Advantages of Testing Small Sample Volume

Importance of Viscosity in Hydraulic Fracturing Systems

4 Steps to Material Characterization Using Viscosity Measurements

DNA Denaturation

Thermal Conductivity in Battery Thermal Management

κ-Carrageenan Thermal Phase Diagram

Viscosity Analysis of DNA

Self Assembly in Complex Fluids

Surface Tension & Viscosity

mAb Analysis with Dynamic Light Scattering & Intrinsic Viscosity

Critical Micelle Concentration of a Surfactant with Viscosity

Common VROC Troubleshooting

Spray Drying in Pharmaceuticals

Optimizing Your Quality Control Measurements

VROC initium one plus Software Update - July 2022

Shampoo and surfactant solutions—Shear and extensional viscosity

Know Your VROC Chip

Viscosity of Sodium Caseinate Milk Protein Solutions

Intrinsic Viscosity of Sodium Caseinate

Thermal Phase Transition

Initium Custom Protocol Design

VROC initium one plus Installation Checklist and Schedule

Measuring High Viscosity Samples on VROC initium one plus

Viscosity of Bio-ink for 3d Printing

VROC Chip Cleaning Protocols

Thermal Degradation of Polymers

Monitoring Kinetics with Viscosity Measurements

non-Newtonian Monoclonal Antibody Solution Formulation

5 Successful Tips for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

m-VROC Viscometer 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

m-VROC Standard Protocols

Blood Viscosity and Diagnostics

Multi-Point Viscosity Analysis

Multi-Point Viscosity Measurements of Proteins

Viscosity in Three Dimensions: 3D Printing

VROC initium one plus Shear Rate & Temperature Sweep Protocols

Viscosity of Rechargeable Battery Solutions

Viscosity of Electrolytes

Electronic Dispensing and Extensional Viscosity

Automated Viscometer Standard Protocols

More Than Meets the Eye

Automate Your Extensional Measurements

2022 Kickoff Checklist

Tis The Season for Service!

The Power of Portability: microVISC Viscometer

96 Well Plate or 40 Vial Rack?

Viscometer Chip Health Best Practices

Year End Tips for Success Next Year!

RheoSense Automated Chip Cleaning Station


VROC initium one plus Sample Preparation

Palmolive Soap and Poloxamers

Blood ViscoSpooky!

Rheology Modifiers: Poloxamers

Selecting the Right Viscometer for Your Applications

6 Simple Steps for Viscosity Sample Testing Preparation

The Complexities of Cannabis

Viscosity of Wine Matrixes with Various Additives

Activation Energy & Arrhenius Equation

Automate Your Viscosity Measurements

Rheometer vs Viscometer

Hyaluronic Acid and Viscosity

The Importance of Temperature and Viscosity

Rheology Modifiers: What They Are & How They Work

Rheology Model Fitting and Corrections

VROC initium Software Update - June 2021

Common Rheology Terms & Concepts

What is Rheology?

Measuring Viscosity at Various Temperatures - Low & High

Determining Intrinsic Viscosity

Every Protein is Different: How Solubility Effects Your Viscometer

Steady Shear vs. Extensional Deformation

Syringeability vs. Injectability

Myth or Fact? Clarifying Common Viscosity Myths

Extending Measurements with Extensional Viscosity

May the Force Be With You, Injection Force That is!

Chip Chip Hooray! Selecting the Right VROC Chip for Your Samples

The Viscosity of Self-Care

Viscosity of Food & Beverage Products

SPRING CLEANING! - Cleaning Your Viscometer

Types of Viscosity & When to Apply Them

Viscosity of Inkjet Printing

Data artifacts: Getting the Most From Your Rectangular Slit Viscometer

Predicting Injection Force: Theoretical Foundation

Rheology Tool Selection

VROC Viscometer Comparison

Intrinsic Viscosity of Synthetic Polymers in Organic Solvents

A Viscosity Valentine

Unboxing Your m-VROC, a Narrative

Thermal Stability of Proteins

Importance of Formulation - Cannabis Edition

2021 Virtual Viscosity Summit

PepTalk 2021: Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools

Dairy and Milk-Like Product Viscosity

Deck the Halls….Year End Best Practices

Behind the Scenes: VROC Software

Kicking of the "Viscoliday" Season!

non-Newtonian Fluid Modeling: Power Law Model

Therapeutic Protein Formulation: Air Interface

Applying a Temperature Dependent Model

Concentrated Protein Solution Characterization

Injectability of Protein Solutions

Chemical Viscosity

Why we use NIST traceable oils for calibration

Thixotropy - Viscosity of Inks and Paints

Modeling non-Newtonian Fluids

Dynamic Light Scattering vs. Intrinsic Viscosity

Using Viscosity to Probe and Characterize Proteins and Excipients

Sea Salinity & Viscosity - ASTM D1141

Press Release - RheoSense Chip Cleaning Station (CCS)

Why Outsource Your Sample Testing

Protein Ageing and Your Solution Shelf Life

Press Release - Introducing VROC® initium one plus

More Than Viscosity - Molecular Structure Characterization

Importance of Viscosity: How to Measure it

Importance of viscosity in cell culture media

Webinar Recording: Taming non-Newtonian Data with the WRM Correction

Blood Viscosity Webinar

How to Apply the Correction for non-Newtonian

Great Customer Question: Can You Measure Zero Shear Viscosity

Back to Basics Webinar - Different Types of Viscosity

Back to Basics Webinar: non-Newtonian Fluids

No Fooling: Characterizing Cosmetic Serums

Back to Basics Webinar: Viscosity Fundamentals

Measuring Viscosity of Cosmetics with microVISC

Why is it important to do viscosity testing at greater than 1,000 1/s?

Cannabis Viscosity Webinar

Not doing stability studies? Here's why you should.

Question: Rheometer vs. VROC

Viscosity of Alcoholic Beverages

Go Green!

Protein Protein Interaction - Melting Temperature

August 5, 2019 Cannabis Extraction Educational Class

Happy Mother's Day

Impact of Excipients on Viscosity

New Publication: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-Virus

How To Select Your Desired Shear Rate

From Your Digital Marketing Guy

Which RheoSense Chip do I use for my Application?

The Explanation of Rsquared Values on RheoSense Viscometer Software

Difference Between Shear & Extensional Viscosity

VROC initium Consumable Replacement Tips

RheoSense Video Series: VROC Initium IQOQ

VROC Initium Tutorial Videos

Calibrating Your MicroVISC Viscometer

Technical Webinar: Sample Preparation

Tips On Maintaining Your VROC Initium

What Can System Suitability Do For You?

MEMS Technology In Sputum Liquefaction Research

Measuring Buffer Viscosity with VROC initium

From Your MicroVISC Engineer: microVISC Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

Initium Update

Wine & Dine Into Science

Social Media In The Workplace

Viscosity in Each Step of the FDA Drug Approval Process

Breakthrough of Vaccine Delivery

Viscosity & Olive Oil

FDA Guidelines & Drug Development

Cambridge Healthtech Institute Collaboration

Clariti's Official Release

Welcoming Canon


What NIST Traceability Can Mean When Measuring Samples

Impact of pH in Royal Jelly 

Coffee And Cannabis: Same System, Different Reaction

Different Ways to Measure Viscosity

In the Blink of an Eye - Viscosity of Eye Drops

Predicting the inevitable with Viscosity

View My Viscosity Measurement!

Beat Superstitions - Be Confident in Your Measurements!

LAPONITE - Use to Enhance Cell Growth & Drug Delivery