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Calculating Shear Rate: Easy-Peasy

A frequently asked question is, "what shear rates should I be using for my measurements?"

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Webinar: March 25, 2020 - 11:00 am PST

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Measuring Viscosity of Cosmetics

Measuring Viscosity of Cosmetics with microVISC

Key Words: Face lotion, hand lotion, cream, viscosity, shear thinning, cleaning, high shear, non-Newtonian fluid, protocol, thixotropy

Goal:  Cosmetic lotions are often non-Newtonian fluids with yield stresses and thixotropic structure. These properties are vital for their function as self-care products, but also make their rheological properties difficult to characterize. In particular, data collection can be time consuming and instrument cleaning can be challenging. This application note will share an easy-to-implement protocol to precisely measure complex cosmetic formulations using VROC technology.

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