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Differentiating Low Viscosity Fluids with High Resolution VROC initium

Last Wednesday, we hosted a new technical webinar where we focus on differentiating low viscosity fluids. If you were unable to attend or would like to access the recording and presentation again, you can now access the full recording.

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Technical Webinar - Guide to Formulation Development July 17, 2019 Wednesday 11:00 am PST

Formulation development is a complex process where meticulous attention to detail and the slightest variation could potentially impact the overall formulation or efficacy of the drug.

Attend webinar to access guide in formulation development

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Impact of Excipients on Viscosity

Excipients are a substance that is often added to protein formulations to serve as a medium for the proteins or active substance in the formulation. While commonly perceived as inert and just a supplement to improve the formulation or become a diluent, adding excipients have sometimes created a reaction of the ingredients in the formulation and according to the NPS Medicinewise article*, such reactions have resulted in various reactions in patients as well.
Learn how excipients can impact your buffer

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