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Webinar: Fundamentals of Viscosity - Newtonian vs. non-Newtonian

Flow behavior of complex fluids is traditionally characterized through the distinction between Newtonian and non-Newtonian based on each fluid's viscosity dependence on both deformation and speed of deformation. Proper understanding of material properties is vital for more complex concepts such as shear stress, shear strain, and shear rate. Practical applications include production processes such as inkjet printingprotein formulations/injections, and food/beverage manufacturing. 

RheoSense’s webinar will explain the differences between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids and cover the fundamentals on establishing the viscosity fingerprint of materials using real application examples. 

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2015 PEGS Conference - Viscosity and Viscometers at Booth 200

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Studying the Effect of Temperature on Viscosity

Cost Effective Developments of Biologics: Early Stages of Development & Precise Viscosity Measurements with m-VROC®

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Excluding Shear Contributions to Extensional Viscosity on Power Law Fluids

Manufacturing processes often present combination of extensional and shear flows. 

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Using Extensional Viscosity to Improve Enhanced Oil Recovery Research

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques have been used to successfully extract crude oil from oil fields. According to the Energy Department's Office of Fossil Energy, EOR techniques have allowed "30 to 60 percent, or more, of the reservoir's original oil in place."

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Seminars to be Hosted in Korea by Insung Chroma-Tech

We are excited to announce an upcoming trip to Seoul, Korea by RheoSense CEO & Founder, Dr. Seong-Gi Baek. He will be in Korea to present at two seminars organized by our distributor, Insung Chroma-Tech.

The seminars are entitled "The Importance of Viscosity Measurements in Protein Therapeutics / Industrial / Food."  Please contact us or Insung Chroma-Tech if you wish to attend.

For additional details view PDF.

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